Overview: Orchestrating a 12-Orc Braunstein with Mr. Wargaming

In a collaborative session with “This is Dunder Moose,” Mr. Wargaming, from the channel “TheJoyofWargaming,” shares insights into orchestrating a 12-player Orc Braunstein, a month-long campaign, without descending into chaos. The video explores the nuances of managing a sizable group in a TTRPG setting, ensuring engagement, and maintaining a coherent narrative throughout the campaign. Key…

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The Battle of Eldoria Bridge: Delving Deeper AAR

Played With: Delving Deeper Played By: Crossface & Oghma Original Session: Video: In the land of Eldoria, the town’s folk had long been tormented by a horde of kobolds and their menacing lizard riders. The creatures lurked in the shadows, ambushing unsuspecting travelers and raiding the outskirts of the town. Oghma, a seasoned…

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Dolmenwood Style OSR Modules

Dolmenwood is a campaign setting that is deeply rooted in folklore and the eerie wonders of the wilderness. It’s a place where the boundaries between the mundane and the magical blur, and where the creatures of myth and legend roam freely. This setting, as described by its creator Gavin Norman in an interview, is inspired…

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