Adventure Hook #1: The Ogre Sorcerers Lair

A formidable ogre sorcerer has claimed a strategic hill pass as its domain. Anticipating visitors, it has set up cunning traps to ensnare unsuspecting travelers. The beast has its eyes set on the numerous caravans that use this pass as a shortcut through the treacherous mountain range.

Having successfully ambushed and decimated the guards of several minor caravans, the ogre is now brimming with arrogance. Spanning 40 miles, this mountain pass was once carved out by a mighty river eons ago. Now, only a rocky trail remains as evidence of the river’s former presence. The landscape is dotted with trees and shrubs, and here and there, one can spot patches of sharp raspberry thorns. The sorcerer ogre has chosen the narrowest section of this pass to lay its devious traps.

Among its creations is a flexible wall made entirely of thorns, designed to ensnare and harm. Additionally, it has rigged boulders to tumble down on those who dare to pursue it. Nestled 300 yards up the hills lies a vast cave, the ogre’s lair, where it hoards its ill-gotten treasures. Should it be cornered, this cave serves as the ogre’s final battleground.

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