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Memorial Day Highlights and Upcoming Kickstarter Projects

As we observe Memorial Day in the United States, it’s an excellent time to delve into some of the intriguing and visually captivating projects that have recently emerged or are set to launch soon. Here are some highlights from the past week that have caught my attention.

Born From the Sand

Not a new game, but one that is new to me and looks incredibly fascinating, is Born From the Sand by GM Shail. This adventure, designed for Into the Odd, features a dungeon in the shape of an inverted pyramid. It’s a free, playtest version, and from what I’ve seen, it includes some innovative ideas that are worth exploring.


I’m always drawn to games with charming artwork, and FTW certainly meets that criterion. This game not only offers delightful visuals but also provides a unique framework for non-OGL rogue-like dungeon crawl games. There’s a substantial amount of content available on a Pay What You Want (PWYW) basis, making it a fantastic find for gamers.


I’ve been a fan of cats have no lord for quite some time. They consistently produce quirky and engaging games and adventures. Their latest release, Leviathan, is a system-agnostic sci-fi horror written for the 2024 Sci-fi One Shot Jam. It’s impressive how CHNL manages to create content across various styles and systems.

Vaults of Vaarn Issue 4

Vaults of Vaarn is a captivating setting and game that has been in high demand. The fourth issue of the Vaults of Vaarn zine is now available in PDF format, with print copies expected to be available through the author’s webpage soon.

Project 666, Vol. 2

I often find myself uncertain about releases that are dual-statted for both 5e and OSR games. While I have no issues with 5e and even incorporate some of its elements into my own work, the direct conversion in dual-statted releases can be tricky. Project 666, Vol. 2 on Drivethru includes various random tables, items, and more, statted for both 5e and OSR-style stat-blocks.

The Thing From the Swamp

The Thing From the Swamp is a B-movie-inspired adventure designed for Mork Borg. It’s an intriguing concept that could work exceptionally well within the Mork Borg framework.

Giant Space Hamsters in Downsized Press Zine

Like many gamers of a certain age, the Spelljammer giant space hamsters hold a nostalgic place in my heart. Downsized Press has released the fifth issue of their zine, which features giant space hamsters in a mini-dungeon setting.

Painted Wastelands

My social media feeds have been flooded with art previews for Painted Wastelands, a new game set to hit Kickstarter soon. The art is stunning and reminiscent of the Ultralight Grasslands. A free preview of Painted Wastelands is available on Drivethru.

Ave Nox

Charles Ferguson-Avery, known for Into the Wyrd and Wild, has released their megadungeon Ave Nox on Drivethru. It’s designed to be system-neutral, focusing on exploration and uncovering forgotten histories.

Faces of Clay

Faces of Clay is an intriguing release for OSE. It’s described as either an easy role-play encounter or a challenging combat encounter. This flexibility makes it a great introduction to OSR-style play for newcomers.

Zine Sale Ending Soon

Finally, it’s the last week to take advantage of our zine sale, which ends on May 31st. You can get 35% off all in-stock zines by using the coupon code “Spring24” at checkout.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and in-depth coverage of upcoming Kickstarter projects!

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