Overview: Orchestrating a 12-Orc Braunstein with Mr. Wargaming

In a collaborative session with “This is Dunder Moose,” Mr. Wargaming, from the channel “TheJoyofWargaming,” shares insights into orchestrating a 12-player Orc Braunstein, a month-long campaign, without descending into chaos. The video explores the nuances of managing a sizable group in a TTRPG setting, ensuring engagement, and maintaining a coherent narrative throughout the campaign.

Key Takeaways from the Video Description:

  • Title: Mr. Wargaming reveals how to run a 12-Orc Braunstein!
  • Host: This is Dunder Moose
  • Special Guest: Mr. Wargaming from “TheJoyofWargaming”
  • Topic: Managing a 12-player Orc Braunstein for a month-long campaign
  • Focus: Ensuring successful and smooth management of a large-scale TTRPG campaign

Speculative Insights and Potential Content

The Complexity of Managing Large-Scale TTRPG Campaigns

Managing a TTRPG campaign with numerous participants can be a daunting task for any GM. The complexity arises from ensuring each player has ample spotlight, the narrative remains cohesive, and the gameplay mechanics do not become overly cumbersome. Mr. Wargaming’s insights into managing a 12-Orc Braunstein delves into strategies to balance player engagement, narrative development, and gameplay mechanics in such scenarios.

Strategies for Sustaining Engagement in a Month-Long Campaign

Maintaining player engagement throughout a month-long campaign requires meticulous planning and adaptability. GMs need to ensure that the storyline is compelling and that each session brings something new and exciting to the table. The video might explore how to weave intricate plots, introduce unexpected twists, and ensure that each player’s character development is catered to.

Balancing Narrative and Mechanics with Multiple Players

With a dozen players, ensuring that the game mechanics do not become a hindrance to the narrative flow is crucial. Mr. Wargaming shares tips on streamlining combat, managing player turns efficiently, and ensuring that the mechanics serve the narrative rather than impede it.

Ensuring Consistency and Coherence in the Storyline

With multiple players influencing the storyline, maintaining consistency and coherence becomes pivotal. Strategies to track plot points, player actions, and their consequences might be discussed to ensure that the narrative does not become disjointed over the campaign’s duration.


While the specifics of the strategies employed by Mr. Wargaming remain undisclosed due to the lack of transcript access, the aforementioned points provide a speculative framework that might be explored in the video. Managing large-scale TTRPG campaigns is undoubtedly a challenging yet rewarding endeavor, and insights from experienced GMs like Mr. Wargaming can provide valuable knowledge for those looking to embark on similar adventures.

For detailed insights and specific strategies employed by Mr. Wargaming, you might find direct viewing of the video here beneficial.

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