AIDS Puppy is a Module that should have been dead upon arrival.

Listen up, fools! “AIDS Puppy” is supposed to be a grimdark adventure module, but it ain’t nothing but a bunch of jibber-jabber! This mess promises horror and despair, but what you really get is a sloppy pile of nonsense that ain’t worth your time. The story’s about a cursed hound bringing sickness to a village called Elmshadow, but let me tell you, it’s more like Elm-boring!

Plot and Setting

Now, the idea behind “AIDS Puppy” ain’t bad. You got a diseased dog spreading doom, making villagers shake in their boots. But the village of Elmshadow is as dull as dishwater, man! The descriptions are weak, and the atmosphere is flatter than a pancake. This place ain’t got no life, no fear, no nothing! It’s just a template with no soul.

Character and NPCs

The characters in this module? Forget about it! You got Mirabelle, the healer, and Thalric, the blacksmith. They ain’t nothing but clich├ęs, man! Mirabelle’s just tired and boring, and Thalric’s got all the personality of a brick wall. They ain’t got no depth, no layers, nothing to make you care about them. Missed opportunities all over the place!

Encounters and Challenges

Now let’s talk about the encounters. It’s the same old thing over and over! Rabid animals and cultists, again and again. Boring! The big showdown at the Shadow Altar should be epic, but it ain’t. The fights are weak, the mechanics are broken, and there ain’t no thrill in it.

And that cursed hound? It’s a joke, man! All that buildup for nothing. It’s supposed to be the big bad, but it ain’t scary, it ain’t tough, it’s just plain disappointing. There ain’t no sense of dread, no urgency, just a lot of yawning.

Art and Presentation

The artwork for “AIDS Puppy” is supposed to be grimdark, but it’s just grim, and not in a good way. That charcoal sketch of the hound? Looks like a mess, man! It’s chaotic, not menacing. The whole presentation is sloppy, with unclear maps and messy text. It’s a headache to get through!

“AIDS Puppy” could’ve been something special, but it ain’t. It’s got a weak plot, boring NPCs, repetitive encounters, and disappointing art. It relies too much on shock value and doesn’t deliver the goods. It’s a lesson in how not to make an adventure module.

So listen up! If you want a real RPG experience, skip this trash. “AIDS Puppy” ain’t worth your time, fool! I pity the fool who wastes their time on this mess. Look elsewhere for your grimdark fix, ’cause this ain’t

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