The Enchanting World of Dolmenwood: A Deep, Fairy Tale Campaign Setting

Dolmenwood, a name that resonates with magic, mystery, and myths. This fairy tale and folk horror campaign setting, crafted meticulously by Necrotic Gnome, offers a rich tapestry of legends, fantastic creatures, and wondrous landscapes waiting to be explored. But what makes Dolmenwood stand out in the vast realm of campaign settings? Let’s embark on a journey to uncover its secrets.

The Essence of Dolmenwood

At its core, Dolmenwood is more than just a setting; it’s a living, breathing world teeming with magic. The setting is detailed in three major hardcover books: The Dolmenwood Player’s Book, The Dolmenwood Campaign Book, and The Dolmenwood Monster Book. Each book delves deep into different facets of this enchanting world, providing players and game masters with a comprehensive guide to navigate its wilds.

The Dolmenwood Player’s Book

This 112-page tome serves as a complete guide for players venturing into Dolmenwood campaigns. It begins with 10 pages of introductory material, including a player’s gazetteer, an overview of Dolmenwood, and a collection of rumors and folklore that set the stage for the adventures ahead. Players can explore detailed information on the sentient races of Dolmenwood, from the elusive elves to the mystical moss dwarves. The book also introduces new character classes, rules for magic, equipment, and a plethora of flavorful tables that breathe life into the setting.

The Dolmenwood Campaign Book

The heart and centerpiece of the campaign setting, this 400-page book provides a detailed background of Dolmenwood. It sheds light on major factions, settlements, and the intricate rules of exploration. Players can discover fantastic locations scattered throughout the Wood, each with its own unique story and challenges. The book also features appendices filled with rumors, new spells, and magical herbs and fungi that add depth to the gameplay.

The Dolmenwood Campaign Book stands as the heart and soul of the Dolmenwood setting. This 400-page tome is not just a book; it’s a portal that transports players into the depths of a fairy tale world, brimming with myths, legends, and untold mysteries. Let’s delve deeper into what this book has to offer.

Background and Lore

The Campaign Book provides an in-depth background of Dolmenwood, painting a vivid picture of its history, legends, and the forces that shape its destiny. From ancient battles to the rise and fall of noble families, the lore sets the stage for epic adventures.

Major Factions and Settlements

Dolmenwood is home to various factions, each with its own agenda, allies, and adversaries. The book offers detailed insights into these factions, their leaders, goals, and the role they play in the larger narrative. Alongside factions, the settlements of Dolmenwood come alive with descriptions of their inhabitants, cultures, and the challenges they face.

Exploration Rules and Procedures

Navigating the wilds of Dolmenwood is no easy feat. The Campaign Book introduces intricate rules for exploration, ensuring that every journey is filled with suspense and surprises. Whether it’s deciphering ancient maps, following trails, or facing the perils of the wilderness, the exploration rules add depth and realism to the adventures.

The Dolmenwood Monster Book

A campaign setting is incomplete without its array of monsters, and Dolmenwood doesn’t disappoint. This 96-page book introduces 65 new monsters, each accompanied by a vivid illustration and tables detailing traits, encounters, and lairs. From the eerie Antler Wraith to the mythical Barrow Bogey, the monsters of Dolmenwood are sure to captivate and challenge adventurers.

The Magic of Dolmenwood

One of the standout features of Dolmenwood is its emphasis on magic. The setting introduces unique magical elements such as fairy glamours, elf runes, and moss dwarf knacks. Players can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of magic that weaves through the very fabric of Dolmenwood, making every encounter and exploration a magical experience.

Dolmenwood is not just another campaign setting; it’s a world filled with stories waiting to be told. Its detailed lore, diverse characters, and rich landscapes make it a treasure trove for players and game masters alike. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a newbie looking for a fresh setting, Dolmenwood promises a magical journey like no other. Available on Kickstarter today!

Tales from the Forest

On a recent journey through Dolmenwood, a band of adventurers chanced upon stories of the Blind King. While resting at the Clashed Antler tavern, they listened to young locals recounting their woodland adventure: read more(

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