The Blind King and the Mysteries of Dolmenwood

In the heart of Dolmenwood, tales of the Blind King echo through the whispers of the trees and the murmurs of the rivers. The Blind King, a fearsome iron-crowned giant with sagging grey skin and hair stiffened by frost, rules the drear realm of Gloomhold. His eye sockets are empty, yet he possesses an uncanny ability to sense everything that transpires within his domain. Those who dare to gaze upon his countenance are met with eternal darkness, and all his servants are similarly blind. Mortals are warned to steer clear of Gloomhold, for any who trespass are mercilessly imprisoned by the King.

Gloomhold is a realm of treacherous mountains, bottomless chasms, and suffocating fogs. At its heart stands the Fortress of Absolom, an obsidian structure from which the Blind King reigns. This fortress is perched atop the Mountain of Whispers, and its dungeons are the stuff of nightmares. The darkness within is so profound that it seeps into one’s very soul, erasing all memories of light.

During a recent adventure in Dolmenwood, a group of travelers stumbled upon tales of the Blind King. As they sat in the Clashed Antler, a local tavern, they overheard tales of young men and women boasting about their exploits in the woods and their intentions to protect the town from any threats. Among them was Austish, a man in his early 30s, clearly affected by early onset alcoholism, leading a group of younger followers. Their bravado filled the tavern, but the locals knew better than to engage.

The travelers, intrigued by the tales and the atmosphere in the tavern, decided to explore Bag Manor, a place rumored to have its own mysteries. As they set out, the night’s chill and the looming tales of the Blind King weighed heavily on their minds.

Dolmenwood is a land of enchantment and danger, where legends come to life and adventures await at every turn. The Blind King is but one of its many mysteries, a reminder of the ancient powers that still hold sway in this enchanted forest.

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