Some nice reading on why you should hobby with your kids.

The articles we have chosen to share with you are a great start if you are looking to start really enjoying time with your children of all ages. Please visit the writers websites to finish reading them and come back to share your thoughts. Let us know if you are just starting or have years of game time, painting or building miniatures behind you.

Game night with the familiy

Miniature Painting as a Family Made Fun and Easy! – Fair Game

If you have not started painting miniatures yet here is an article to help you make the decision to get started with a wonderful activity.

There’s nothing like quality time with the family … and miniature painting could be your next big family activity!

Miniature painting can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Not only do you get to bling out your favorite tabletop games, but painting miniatures can be a ton of fun. Put on your favorite podcast, grab a brush, and express your creativity.

Regardless on how much experience painting you have, something to consider is bringing your kids into the hobby. Not only does miniature painting give them an outlet for expressiveness, but it has benefits of teaching color theory and improving their eye-hand coordination. Perhaps most importantly, painting will encourage your child to learn to be proud of their work and look to improve at something over time as they gain experience. read the rest

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